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  • Students have just finished a short unit about graphing and learned how to create pictographs and bar graphs. They also learned how to interpret information on a variety of graphs.

  • The class is now learning about fractions. We have gone back to basics in order to access and build upon prior knowledge. Students will work towards creating equivalent fractions and understanding how to simplify them. In addition, the grade 6's will learn how to convert improper to proper fractions and how to relate them to decimals,

Create a Coffee Shop or Ice Cream Shop: Project Based Learning

  • Over the next few weeks students will be creating a shop of their choosing. The shop is full of concepts that revolve around using fractions in every day situations. It is a fun and creative way for students to reinforce their learning.

  • Math should not be taught in isolation- it is everywhere! Ask your child about the book The Math Curse!