Language Arts

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All students have the same password: 2022

**Please note: full access to the Epic library is only available during the hours of 7am-3pm.** For full access outside of school hours, parents must sign up for an Epic Unlimited account, which is approximately $68 USD for 1 year. In the event of a functional school closure, Epic is still very convenient! If you wish to sign your child up for a basic account so they can access 1 free book from home each day, please click this link.

Please refer to this BC curriculum link for the most detailed information about grade 5 language arts core competencies and curriculum.

Please refer to this BC curricular link for the most detailed information about grade 6 language arts core competencies and curriculum.

Both grades will be focusing on:

  • developing a joy and love of reading

  • developing decoding and comprehension strategies

  • sharing opinions and having meaningful discussions about the text including identify connections to self, connections to other books, and connections to larger global themes

  • building writing skills to improve expression of student thought process and to promote the metacognitive process (thinking about our thinking/writing about our thinking/awareness of our thinking)

Looking ahead...

  • Students will focus more specifically on the structure of writing

  • Students will review and practice using different parts of speech to strengthen their writing skills

  • Students will practice writing informational and persuasive paragraphs

  • Students will be learning about literary elements and figures of speech related to poetry.