Classroom Expectations

Student Responsibilities:

All students are expected to:

  • Be respectful of the teacher, other adults in the class, their classmates, and their belongings. Our classroom is a community and everyone has to work together for it to run smoothly.

  • Be courteous and polite. Do not call out or disrupt the learning of others.

  • Put their best effort into class assignments and activities. Everyone learns differently so I will do my best to meet those learning needs in a variety of ways.

  • Let me know if there is any way I can help them be more successful at class. (Teachers are not mind-readers!)

  • Try to have fun learning!

  • Please note: The breakfast program is operating this year! Snacks are only permitted during recess and lunch times so that it does not distract students from learning.

Expected and Unexpected Absences:

  • If your child is sick and/or you know they'll be away, please let me know and I'll do my best to put together some work they can do at home.

  • I always leave a "while you were away" folder on a student's desk that all handouts and notices get put into so they can take it home when they're back

  • Please, with Covid-19 being in its 4th wave, ensure that you are completing the daily health checks with your child to keep us all healthy and safe :)

School Policies

  • Please refer to the school's disciplinary policy and code of conduct in your child's planner for further information